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City of Westminster College
Signs that respond to the architecture

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The City of Westminster College has just opened its brand-new, state-of-the art Paddington Green Campus, in central London. Besides designing the new brand, we were commissioned to design the signage system for the new building in collaboration with Whybrow Signing Consultants.

The complexity of the floor plans made us look for a solution in which we could avoid directional signs (arrows), and focus on location signs. How we implemented this idea was to divide the floor plans in four sections, and use the well-known London postcode system to label each one of the sections. So, instead of searching for room 32, which could be anywhere on a floor, the student will search for room NW 5, located on the quarter clearly labelled as NW.

The typography is simple and bold, and had to adhere to different surfaces, including concrete, glass and the textured acoustic panels which cover most of the walls around the atrium. We took this beautiful circular grid and used it to make the typography consistent throughout the building.

Client: City of Westminster College
Designed at Atelier Works