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The Hepworth Wakefield
A new art gallery in the heart of Wakefield

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One of Yorkshire's finest art galleries, The Hepworth Wakefield displays a unique collection of sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and was designed by David Chipperfield Architects, whose building was inspired by Hepworth's art.

With such an incredible visual reference as a starting point, we wanted to create a logo that would mirror the new building and the ideas behind its design. Through an extensive development process – in which we tested 2D and 3D design versions for the logo – we got to a point where we realised the solution was in front of our eyes urging to be found. The moment we saw that the letter ‘H’ (for Hepworth) could be designed from a representation of the building reflected in water, all the pieces came together and the logo was created.

Client: The Hepworth Wakefield
Designed at Atelier Works