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Plic Ploc
A water based performance by Cirque Plume

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Cirque Plume is an internationally renowned contemporary circus company, described by the French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ as 'one of the rare troupes who seem to be able to reconcile both the children and adults in search of a certain atmosphere'.

The production 'Plic Ploc' staged at the Parc de la Villette in Paris was inspired by the impact of climate change. The company developed the idea of an 'interior climatic disorder' with water as its main theme. A water drop in a tin is a musical note. Plic! Another drop falls. Ploc! Water drops, waterfalls and water jets are all transformed into art and music creating the magic world of ‘Plic Ploc’.

The graphic concept for the poster emerged from the onomatopoeic character of the title, which we reworked to communicate visually.

Client: Cirque Plume and Parc de la Villete
Designed at johnson banks