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be data wise
Making boring data fun

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In a time when millions of personal and business data are stored and handled digitally it is important to regulate the ways in which these data can be used. Both the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 were devised as a legal basis with regards to these issues, and the British Council, which handles a vast amount of public information, needs to ensure that its staff is well acquainted with the legal aspects of dealing with it.

We were briefed by the British Council to come up with an internal poster campaign to create awareness about data, without making it seem enforced or oppressive. Or, in other words, to make it seem fun and interesting.

Our answer to the brief was to create a DATA character, a typographic face that changes according to the message. Approaching the project as a campaign titled 'be data wise', we devised six messages that were unveiled in a series of six of posters, carrying texts such as ‘Data is valuable’, ‘Keep data safe’ and ‘Don't produce nasty data’. People were then directed to the intranet for more information.

Client: British Council
Designed at Atelier Works