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Terra Sonora
(Sounding Earth)
Vocal and instrumental music from various parts of the world

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Terra Sonora first started when Plínio Silva gathered some friends to interpret traditional and folkloric songs he had collected while travelling around the world. Before they knew it, they were a group, with a particular aesthetic, which managed to create a repertoire that mixed songs from places as diverse as Mongolia and Venezuela, Greece and Zimbabwe.

This CD was their debut album and instead of focusing on the diversity of the repertoire, I focused on the unity and identity the group created for their work. The image for the cover was especially commissioned from artist Karina Pimentel to represent the idea of the title.

This CD was has won the Sharp Award for best CD cover.

Client: Terra Sonora
Photography: Pedro do Rosário
Etching for the cover: Karina Pimentel
Art direction and Design