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Book Design
The Endless City &
Living in the Endless City
A book series exploring the phenomenon of urbanisation

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'The Endless City', and its more recent companion 'Living in the Endless City', have as their main theme the rapid global urbanisation. Focusing on some of the world's major cities, the books covers issues such as transport, housing, diversity and the environment, combining a series of essays with photographs and a remarkable data section full of detailed maps and graphs.

Written with a broad audience in mind, including urban planners, politicians and academics, the books had to exude a strong visual appeal and at the same time convey a vast amount of data in a clear and accessible way.

The bold use of typography allowed us to express the sense of urgency the book required, and a bright colour palette added zest to the beautiful graphs and maps created especially for the books.

'The Endless City' book received a D&AD nomination in 2008

Client: Urban Age
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Authors: Edited by Ricky Burdett and Deyan Sudjic
Maps & graphs: Bruno Moser & Guido Robazza
Designed at Atelier Works