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RIBA – The evolution
of a brand
Taming and shaping a constantly evolving system

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The Royal Institute of British Architects is the UK body for architecture and the architectural profession, providing support to its members in the form of training, information, technical services, publications and events, setting standards for the education of architects and promoting awards.
As part of a world in constant transformation, the Institute functions as an organic system that evolves and rearranges itself to make space for change continuously.

This is reflected in the brand system, and over the years we have helped RIBA to access these changes and make them clear – internally and externally – by establishing a sub-branding system and a set of guidelines for both print and digital media.

The logo system refers to the different arms of the Institute (RIBA, RIBA Trust, RIBA Enterprises etc.), its services (British Architectural Library, Client Design Advisor etc.) and the different regions (East, West Midlands etc.)

A set of brand guidelines provides guidance on how to use the brand elements, making it accessible to the staff and external partners and suppliers. Covering the basic elements (such as logo size, colour palette) to more advanced ones (five-column universal grid, templates etc.), the guidelines ensure a cohesive result among the material generated by all the different departments.

Client: Royal Institute of British Architects
Designed at Atelier Works