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Cãocoisa e a coisa homem (Dogthing and the thing man)
Exploration and creation of a dog-man universe

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Taking the relationship between man and dog as a starting point, the award-winning play, the title of which translates as ‘Dog thing and the thing man’, did not emerge from a script but from an idea. Directed by Aderbal Freire-Filho, the Brazilian theatre company ACT developed the narrative through an exploratory process of the group’s ideas and experiences.

Graphic design became part of this process. During the development stage different visual ideas were explored (see below), and the final choice by the director was made for its existentialist flavour, which best represented the theme developed by the group. The silhouettes of a man and a dog have a disconcerting stillness to them, only disrupted by their experience of each other. The umbrella, from which the rain seems to fall, may be interpreted as protection or a barrier, questioning the idea of freedom and purpose on the world.

This poster received the 1st Prize Award Café do Teatro for Best Visual Project

Client: ACT Theatre Group
Art Direction and Design