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Exhibition & Environment
Naples Sundial
An homage to Virgil under the Naepolitan sun

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Mergellina, probably the most elegant train station in Naples, underwent a major renovation process as part of an ambitious nation-wide project that restored 100 train stations throughout Italy.

To celebrate the occasion, we were asked to design a human sundial for the station's piazza: a clock that indicates the solar time through the shadow cast by a person.

Working together with the sundial expert from the University of Cambridge, Dr. Frank King, we established the design for the clock. During our visit to the site, we realised the station sits besides the park named after the classical Roman poet Virgil, and we found in him the inspiration for the inscription we wanted to include in the design: 'Tutte le nostre ore più dolce volano più velocemente' (All our sweetest hours fly fastest).

Client: Metropolitana di Napoli
Designed at Atelier Works