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Black & white exuberance

Established in 1997 in Curitiba, in the south of Brazil, Mundaréu has become a national reference for everything that refers to Brazilian popular culture. With a visually stunning aesthetic inherited from popular festivals, the group designs and produces all their costumes including clothing, hats and puppets, and is mostly known for their research and interpretation of folk and traditional songs.

After almost 15 years of existence and 3 CDs on which they interpreted existing songs, 'Mundaré' is their first original CD. The brief was clear: their faces had to appear on the cover (as none of their previous CDs did) and the whole design had to express the group's visual exuberance but limit itself to a black & white palette.

The solution for the cover went further: instead of showing their faces, I challenged the group to show 'everything', their face, body and soul. The use of different patterns provided an ideal solution to express the buoyant aesthetic of the group in a monochromatic design.

Client: Mundaréu
Photography: Leco de Souza
Art direction and design