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Book Design
The Collins Big Book of Art
A beautiful, unusual and engaging compendium of art history

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From cave paintings to contemporary art, ‘The Collins Big Book of Art’ takes the reader on a journey through the history of art.

With more than 1,200 works, the book presents a step-by-step chronology from 38,000 BC to the present. Interspersed throughout this chronology, so-called turning points delve into the major artistic movements and highlight the technical breakthroughs which changed how artists of the time saw the world. The second part of the book explores enduring themes within art, taking a subject and showing how artists through the ages have depicted it.

The key aspect of our design was to create a clear navigation system, which is provided by a timeline that changes colour according to the period it refers to. In addition, each piece of art in the chronology section is tied to its movement and key themes, which are pursued in greater detail in the other sections of the book.

Client: Harper Collins
Designed at Atelier Works