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Royal Mail Stamps
Celebrating the British Armed Forces uniforms

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Over a period of three years, we were commissioned by the Royal Mail to design three sets of stamps about the uniforms of the British Armed Forces: those of the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

When looking at a stamp, one hardly realises the amount of work and research that goes into its making. Each one of the sets took approximately one year to design, including vast amounts of research, a dozen presentations to the Royal Mail and a careful revision process in which every single aspect of the figures – from the detail of a handcuff to the plumes in the hat – was scrutinised and signed off.

The final design route made use of specially commissioned illustrations by Graham Turner, and working together with the historian Richard Holmes allowed us to display an interesting mix of uniforms, ensuring our selection comprised a variety of arms and services (e.g. infantry, engineers etc.), the link to major battles or campaigns, and, from a design point of view, a variety of colour and style in the uniforms themselves.

Client: Royal Mail
Designed at Atelier Works